GREENsimplified is helping greenify lives one simple step at a time, with in-home consultations, user- friendly starter kits and recycling services. Over the years there are many eco-friendly products and services that I have grown to love and use in my own home. Helping the environment is something I am truly passionate about, and I want to show people that there are really easy changes that they too can do to make our planet a healthier place for all.

My Story

I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend to the planet.

My mother passed away many years ago and that is what began my journey to live a healthier lifestyle.  When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I realized that there was even more that I could do by helping and protecting the environment. Having two children encouraged me to do my part to help the planet and ensure that they may have a much healthier future. 

Over the years, I have gradually incorporated more and more eco-friendly practices into our lives.  It's been a slow journey and it's only just beginning.  I am constantly trying to find new ways to be greener and healthier, while also keeping it affordable. My hope is that my children will grow up with these practices and continue to use them, encouraging others to do the same.


Owner & Eco-prenuer