GREENsimplified is helping people incorporate simple eco-friendly changes into their everyday lives through in-home consultations, eco-friendly starter kits and recycling services. For more information or to book services contact us at

In-home Consultations

Many people are already incorporating great green practices in their homes, they may just not be aware of it.  Others are ready to take it to the next level. I can come into your home to do an assessment, teach you about simple and affordable ways to greenify your homes and lives, and then follow-up with you to support your new lifestyle changes.

Speaking Engagements

Are you a school or group eager to learn more about how you can do your part and incorporate green practices into your lives?  I'd be more than happy to host a workshop to share, not only my passion for all things green, but also a few simple and affordable steps.

Recycling Services

Recycling at home is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to go green.  But, not all items can be collected by your local waste management company.  That's where I come in -- I collect items, such as batteries, light bulbs, medications, electronics, you name it and properly dispose or recycle them.

Not sure where to start? Let us help you take the first step with these tried and trusted eco-friendly products. Our kits are a great way to introduce you to some basic household products.  Custom orders are also available. Go to our products page to place an order.

Upcycling Services

Some items are better off upcycled into new and exciting products then simply thrown away. TerraCycle is attempting to eliminate waste by collecting previously non-recyclable or hard to recycle waste and converting it into a wide variety of products and materials. GREENsimplified collects such items through it's many TerraCycle brigades, keeping them out of the landfills and raising money for charity at the same time.


Preferred Businesses

It's not easy to find trusted services, never mind ones that are eco-friendly.  Let me take the guess work out of it with referrals for earth-friendly companies that I trust and use in and around my own home.